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Torchwood: The New World

A Post-CoE Torchwood Community

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Name:Torchwood: The New World
Location:Cardiff, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community focusing on series 4 of Torchwood.
Torchwood: The New World

This community is a place to share theories, articles, fanworks and discussions about the upcoming fourth series of Torchwood, which will start airing on BBC1 and Starz in Summer 2011. It is being produced by Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner, and will star some of the old Torchwood cast as well as a handful of new additions (names redacted in order to avoid spoilers).

Membership of this community is open; anyone can join and post entries. Submissions aren't moderated, so I would like to ask you to take a quick look at the community rules and to keep them in mind when posting. If you run into any problems, you can always contact the mod at teyla[at]dreamwidth[dot]org.


  • This being a community about a series that hasn't started airing yet, the most important thing to remember is the spoiler cut. Please remember to put everything that might be considered a spoiler behind a cut. If you don't know how to use a cut, it is explained in Dreamwidth's FAQs.

    Until the series has started airing, everything concerning casting, plot, locations, set or content is considered a spoiler. If you're commenting on an entry that doesn't contain spoilers, and are including spoilers in your comment, please put a warning either at the beginning or in the subject line of your comment.

  • Things that should also go behind a cut: large images (wider than 500px), large chunks of text (fic, copy-and-pasted articles, etc), icon batches (excluding 'teaser' icons), flashing animations (icons, gifs, macros etc), and anything else that, if you saw it on your reading list, would make you go 'I wish they had put that behind a cut'.

  • Discussions of subjects that might be upsetting, hurtful or even triggering to other members should also go behind a cut. Additionally, those posts should include a warning above the cut clearly marking the post as containing such content.

  • Please be respectful. If someone ends up taking offense at something that wasn't meant in an offensive way, please apologize and back away. The mods will sort it out.

  • No bashing. Of characters, of actors, or of production staff. Criticism is fine, emotive negativity is not.

  • Please never delete either comments or entries without mod approval, not for any reason.

  • Be excellent to one another, and have fun.
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